Dr Roberts

Owner Crichlow Orchids.

My orchid experience has been wonderful. Among all of the flowering plants I have in my home, they are indeed my favorite. I love the surprise I receive when I walk into a room and see that one has flowered because you never know when they will or if they will but when they do - My! My! My!.

Unlike many common houseplants that remain green and healthy-looking year round, orchids are more like the perennial flowers and bulbs in your outdoor garden. Just like other flowering plants, orchids must rest and replenish their energy between bloom periods. Producing flowers consumes tremendous energy, depleting the resources the plant uses to produce healthy new growth. The large, showy flowers your Orchid produces and maintains week after week when your orchid is in full bloom eventually drain the plant of energy. When this occurs, the flowers will fade and fall off the stem. (Do not confuse this natural blossom drop with traumatic bud blast or flower blast which causes orchids to lose their buds or flowers suddenly and prematurely.