watering orchids

Why Water Orchids With Ice?

Overwatering is one of the most common ways to harm an orchid.

To ensure your orchid receives the perfect amount of water, we at Crichlow Orchids advise you water your 5-inch orchid on the same day each week by placing three ice cubes on top of the media. (Use one ice cube once per week for mini orchids.) Our studies show watering orchids using ice cubes does not harm the plant. One recent study observed the effects of different watering methods on 10 varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids over the course of several months. The study concluded that, not only were there no detrimental effects on leaf or root health when watering with ice, some of the ice-treated plants actually had a longer display life and flower longevity.

Let’s explore three reasons why watering your orchid with ice works: 1. The pre-measured amount of ice cubes helps prevent over watering. Giving your orchid too much water is one of the quickest ways to kill it. Using ice cubes for your watering method takes the guesswork out of how much water to use, helping you give your orchid the exact amount it needs to flourish. 2. The “slow-drip” process helps the roots slowly soak up water. When the ice cubes melt, the moisture seeps into your orchid’s media and allows the roots to slowly take in the water they need. This prevents water from collecting in the bottom of your orchid’s pot. 3. Using the ice watering method is easy to remember. Adopting the routine of giving your orchid three ice cubes per week simplifies the watering process and makes it easier to remember. You’ll know exactly what amount of water your orchid needs and when it needs it.